Welcome to my homepage.  This website is intended to be an academic portfolio of sorts, and it will host some of the algorithms that are discussed in the articles listed in my CV.  These algorithms are written in one or more of C, C++, Fortran or

I am currently a limited term Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Air Force Institute of Technology.  My position will no longer be available to me when I separate, by choice, from the United States Air Force in 2018.  My research interests are vast and include optimal control of dynamic systems (governed by both ordinary and partial differential equations (PDEs)), large-scale simulation, nonlinear waves, solutions of the fourth PainlevĂ© equation, the use of Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) in the approximations of definite integrals and the solutions of PDEs, and mesh generation (particularly for surfaces in three dimensions).  Ultimately I endeavor to create a fast and accurate RBF based numerical method for large scale optimal control problems governed by PDEs.